Wednesday, December 18, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments DAY 18

It's been one of those days where I haven't done anything particularly strenuous, but I am exhausted! 
That didn't stop me from making an ornament (actually several), but it did mean another trip out to the craft store.
Another Pinterest idea that I ran with -- it's an I Spy ornament.
The girls and I decided to make ornaments for their cousins this Christmas.  We selected several small items from the store and also from the craft room.
Here are the GIANT glass ornaments we bought along with several items we considered using (some of them didn't end up fitting through the opening.

Four cousins are getting one of these, so I sorted all the items onto 4 plates so I could make sure everything was evenly distributed.
I made sure to write down what ended up in each one (26 items per ornament), because they aren't completely identical.
Here's what it looks like "stuffed"


I put a different color of glitter in each one (mostly so I can keep them straight).
I also used some white sand I found in the craft store.
Here's the finished ornament

Honestly this thing is so heavy, I can't imagine putting it on the tree.  But it does look like an ornament with a silver cap and all. 
To be sure that no grains of sand fall through, I cut down a piece of cork (yes, that wine comes in handy again!) and hot glued it into place.  I took the "hook" out of the silver cap and hot glued that to the cork.
I hope they like it!  Now I just need to package it in a lot of bubble wrap and mail it to Iowa...wish me luck.

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wendipooh13 said...

oh such a cool idea!!! that would be fun for my kids to do!! hope they ship ok

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