Monday, December 9, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments DAY 9

I love Pinterest!!
Here's another one that caught my eye, and the tutorial I used as a guideline.  I didn't use paper or punches, but I did use the same measurements.
Here's my ornament

I had this fabulous felt on hand that is stiff (like it's been starched) and it has glitter in it.  I made two 4 1/2" pieces instead of one, since the felt is glittered on only one side, and I glued them back-to-back.  Then I followed the rest of the instructions to hot glue the strips together at the top and bottom.
To create the loop, I used some felted string and then I added some faux holly berries to finish the ornament.
Here's a close-up photo

I'm all about the sparkles!

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wendipooh13 said...

oh my gosh that is sooo pretty1!!!

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