Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments - DAY 25

I did it
25 Ornaments in 25 Days in celebration of Christmas!
Here is my final creation
I had several ornament ideas swimming around in my head, but when I got a super special present from my hubby I settled on this one.
What did he buy me?  A Silhouette Cameo!!!!
Lucky, lucky me.  So I pulled out some white vinyl from my stash and whipped up this little beauty.  The M is for my last name, and the polka dot design (which I discovered on Pinterest) was just for fun.  I took one of my cream colored ornaments and colored on it with a Copic marker.  I used the brush tip to create little sweeping marks all over it, to appear as if there is a texture.  I decided to add the green silk ribbon as a hanger to keep it simple and elegant.
I have so many other designs I want to try that I think I might do this again - maybe for Easter.
If you checked in to follow my progress, thanks for stopping by! 


Rose said...

yay for the cameo!!!!!!!
love this one Pam :)

wendipooh13 said...

yeah on your gift!!!!! how exciting!!!!!

gorgeous ornament!!! you have totally inspired me!!

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