Sunday, December 2, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments - DAY 2

Christmas trees are everywhere!  And I decided to put a tree on my tree.  A little one, that is.
Here it is

Cardboard cone
Hot glue

And here's how I put it together.
I began by using hot glue to create a hanger for my ornament.  I crisscrossed a piece of floss underneath a piece of the jute.
Then I secured a looooong piece of jute with hot glue and then I wrapped it around the cone. 
Periodically I added a drop of hot glue to keep it secure.

Once I completed the process and glue the end of the jute to the cardboard I put a large dot of hot glue right in the middle of the tree.
Can you see it?
Well, that's where I put one button
I finished the tree by staggering a few more buttons in assorted shades of green and in different sizes all around the tree.

Here's what I learned:
- I can make one tree in about 10 minutes!
- This would be a great project to make with my kids (who are 6 and 8) - although they might need help with the hot glue. 
- It was super easy and it would be difficult to mess this one up.
Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration.  I found TONS of cone tree ideas which evolved into this project.
I'm hoping to get started earlier in the day on tomorrow's ornament...


wendipooh13 said...

sooo cute!!! LOVE this

Rose said...

girl you are making some FUN and FAST ornaments!!! :)

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