Saturday, December 1, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Ornaments - DAY 1

Okay, better late than never for this one!
It took nearly all day for me to have the time to make these ornaments today because Saturdays are busy around my house. 
Also, I'm challenging myself to make a new one every day, rather than make a bunch in advance (which I am very tempted to do!).
So let me get started...
Here's the ornament that I designed

Now, if you're interested in HOW I created them, read on...
My Supplies

Several colors of felt
Floss (in two colors)
Bling (for the eyes)
Modge Podge (for glue)
Chipboard birds

I traced my bird shapes adding 1/8-1/4 of an inch around the outside so that it looks like this when I place the chipboard bird on top of the felt bird.

I used the first felt shape as a guide for a second shape in the same color.  I chose to make two ornaments in different colors.

I cut some wings (4 - 1 for each side of both birds).  I totally eyeballed this one - I did a freehand drawing on some brown felt and cut 3 more using this one as a guide.
I glued the felt onto the chipboard by brushing some Modge Podge onto the chipboard.  The reason I chose to put the chipboard in the ornament is that it gives it a nice sturdy shape.
To finish the ornaments, I did a whipstitch around the wings (before gluing them onto the bird) with a beige floss, and around the bird's body with dark brown floss (hence the extra felt around the outside).
I thought about doing a blanket stitch, but I thought I would like the look of the whipstitch better.
I left about 6-7 inches of floss hanging off the first stitch so that once I made it all the way around, I could just tie it off and create a hanging element.
Here's what I learned during this process:
- It took approximately 45 minutes, start to finish
- I didn't pull the floss as tight on each stitch with the blue bird as with the red bird, and I like the look of it a lot better.
{On a side note: While I know I'm not the first to create felt ornaments, this exact ornament design - aside from the bird shape - is mine.}
I'll be back tomorrow with another ornament, so come on back and check it out...


~amy~ said...

DARLING...I have a thing for feltie projects!

wendipooh13 said...

ohhhh soo cute!!! LOVE the felt birdies!!!

Rose said...

super cute :)

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