Saturday, April 11, 2009

Scor-it Week at 365 Cards!

The time had finally arrived for us to celebrate Scor-it Week with SEVEN scoring challenges. My challenge is up first, and here is the tutorial for my Gift Card Holder:

Step 1: I began with two pieces of card stock, 1-4x7 and 1-2.5x5 inches.

Step 2: I took the 4x7 piece and scored it at 3.5 inches:

Step 3: I folded the card along the score line, and set it aside.

Step 4: Placing one of the 5 inch sides of the second piece of card stock against the ruler, I scored just under 1/2 inch in from the edge.

The reason I go just under 1/2 inch into the card stock is that once it's folded, I want the other piece of card stock to lay flat against this piece. You'll see what I mean when you adhere these pieces together.

Step 5: After I scored both ends of this piece, I turned the card stock so the 2.5 inch side rests against the ruler, and then I scored exactly 1/2 inch from the edge. The picture below shows what one of the adjoining corners looks like:

Step 6: At this point, I like to cut off the corner so the flaps don't overlap when I fold the flaps and seal them to the main card. I cut them at an angle so it isn't quite a straight line:

Step 7: To adhere the pieces together, I add double-sided tape to the flaps on all three sides. I like to use Provo Terrifically Tacky tape because it's unbelievably strong and will keep the pieces of card stock together. If you don't use a strong enough tape the flaps will start to come apart.

This is what it looks like before I remove the plastic backing.

Step 8: I stuck the pieces together and decorated the card. One thing I like to do is take a 1" circle punch to create a half-circle on the inside piece of card stock:

And here's my finished card:

I love making these, and I always keep a few around because I never know when I'll need to give a gift card to someone. Have fun and feel free to throw a question in the comment section if you want any other details!

Here's a diagram with the measurements and such:


Goblinf said...

Hi Pam,

A gift card is a completely new concept for me!

However, I followed your splendid tutorial, and I think I worked out that the result of steps 2 & 3 when finished stands up like a mountain (eg fold at the top) and therefore, the result of steps 4 to 7 folds around the bottom front edge like a pocket, with the flaps being glued to the backface of the 'front' of the 'mountain card'.

Just in case that doesn't make sense to you, I made a mockup in copier paper, and posted pics of it on my blog as the top post

So my questions are:
1. Is what I've done right?
2. What usually goes in the pocket? ie what is a gift card?
3. Should I make something that goes into the pocket for this challenge?

Sorry to be such a ditz!
Lois/ Goblinf

Goblinf said...

I've just read your tutorial again, should the pocket be on the inside or the outside of the card?

Sorry! Lois/ Goblinf

Ann said...

Great tutorial and such a cute finished product!

Vicky said...

Cute card, Pam!!

Karen Lee said...

I can't wait to get started!

hugs, Karen Lee

Rose said...

Your instructions are great, but i have a sugestion....will you please show the inside of your card so all can see in case they are not sure where to place the pocket? Made a sample for the pattern and will make the one for the challenge after church and Easter dinner ;-)

Anonymous said...

great tutorial, and I love the card, it is a gift card holder I haven't seen, I hope to get my interpretation done later today

kristie sessions said...

I love this challenge so much! This week has started out with a bang already!

Alicia said...

This was the best gift card holder I have seen so far! Very easy and NO bulk!! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!

Nancy Sanders said...

The directions were great, thank you so much. Normally I would try to figure it out by cutting and gluing and after several faile attempts i would figure it out. Thanks so much for saving me the time and frustration...I m a happy girl.

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