Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Friday!

It's Friday, and I am filling in for the lovely Sophie at 365 Cards.
I was first introduced to the woven heart design by my Mother-in-Law, and she was kind enough to create a pattern for me. We hang some fabric versions of these on our Christmas tree every year, but I thought it would make for a fun challenge to create a paper version for our cards.
Here are some photographs of my first attempt at making one out of paper....{I apologize in advance for the grainy photos}
I cut two rectangles out of some October Afternoon (double-sided) paper that are both 2x7 in size.

I scored both pieces, folded them in half and then used a circle/oval cutter to round the corners at the open end.

About 2 1/4" from the folded end, I used a blad to cut two strips (which created 3 equal-sized strips).

Now comes the merging of the two pieces. It's a process of weaving them together by alternately creating a loop with one strip, and sticking a strip from the other piece through that loop.

Here's a look at the heart as it comes together:

Here's the completed heart:

And a peek at the inside:

I learned a couple of things through this works better with a lighter weight paper and be prepared to practice a couple of times. I practiced with a notebook paper pattern that my MIL created for me.

I started over with some Autumn Leaves paper that is perfect for a little girl, and here's my card:

My sweet (and sassy!) little Jamie is going to be FOUR in a couple of weeks. I can hardly believe it! I incorporated a sundress image from Lauretta's Digital Stamps (our sponsor this week) and added a couple of lollipops.
I have to draw attention to that beautiful pink crocheted flower. About a month ago, I asked my MIL if she knew how to make these. She's pretty crafty like that, and I figured if anyone knew how it would be her. She responded by sending me a couple of baggies full of these fabulous things in a variety of colors!! I am so spoiled - thanks, Beverly!
And if you were wondering, the red blossoms are made out of tissue paper.
Whew - I need to head to bed, but I sincerely hope you'll join me on this challenge. Once you get the hang of it, these little hearts are so fun to make.

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Rose said...

thanks for the tut on the fab heart :) your card is perfect!! love the tissue paper blooms and your MIL makes beautiful flowers!!

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